215 Timelapse’s First Year Recap

One year ago, I decided to rebrand Coyopa Productions into 215 Timelapse. Since then, I’ve worked on many exciting projects that have challenged me to bring a variety of creative visions to life, including some non-timelapse projects. The clip above highlights my recent macro work, both in-studio and on-location.

Filming "Dollars that Make Sense"

Filming "Dollars that Make Sense"

Update: Dollars That Make Sense. We premiered DTMS in May at the Total Impact Summit, where it received rave reviews and immediate requests to watch it again. It has since appeared on industry blogs and is being used by asset managers and consultants to transform endowments. As one viewer praised, “Finally, something that will wake up and entertain my board!”

  • Energy Week Panel
  • Carnot Prize event

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. Penn’s favorite timelapse team returned to campus to shoot recaps of the center’s Energy Week and their annual Carnot Prize , which honors a visionary leader in energy policy. I love working with the Kleinman team to spotlight leaders of the transition to sustainable energy.


Media-Providence Friends School. The MPFS community is near and dear to my heart, as my wife has taught there for 25 years and our three children graduated from this tiny gem of a school. I’ve created many videos for them over the years, including this new promotional video.

Rich and Producer Mark Cortese

Rich and Producer Mark Cortese

The Gentleman Coach. This hour-long documentary took me nearly five years to complete and chronicles the life and career of Neil Buckley, the winningest wrestling coach in America. We had a wonderful premiere at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute and are developing plans to share it with a wider audience. You can watch the trailer here .

Atacama Sunset2.jpg

Daily Timelapse Challenge. This spring, 215 Timelapse is coming to a social media feed near you! I’ll be challenging myself to post daily timelapse clips on Instagram, testing both the limits of my iPhone and my brain to shoot vertically. I just returned from an amazing trip to Chile to spend time with my eldest son, who has been studying abroad. I only managed to get one, horizontally shot timelapse, but it's a beaut of the Atacama Desert at sunset!

  • Stripped down
  • Halfway there
  • Ready to shoot!

Studio Renovation. 215 Timelapse’s studio is getting a makeover for its first birthday! Our work on “Dollars That Make Sense” and other studio projects inspired me to upgrade the space with climate control and other improvements. I’m excited to share both the renovation process and the projects that we’ll create in the new studio.

  • VLEST longterm timelapse camera
  • Steel delivery
  • Rooftop interview
  • Early morning rooftop concrete pour
  • Topping off VLEST

VLEST Project Completion. We have continued to create progress videos with key stakeholders in the new Vagelos Lab for Energy and Science Technology. We also maintain multiple long-term timelapse cameras that have documented the exterior build. This footage will be assembled at the end of 2024, along with a single hyperlapse shot that is three years in the making! In the meantime, you can watch a clip we put together earlier this summer of the first “sails” being installed here .

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215 Timelapse wishes you a happy and safe holiday season. See you in January!